(Run by : Udhavum Ullangal)

TIRUPATTUR. Vellore District.

TAMIL NADU. South India.

(A Voluntary Social Service Organisation-Govt. Regd)

Government Garden, Near Govt. Hospital,

Tirupattur. Vellore District. 635 601.


LET HUMANITY BE FLOURISHED!                                                                                                                             LET HUMANITY BE FLOURISHED!                                                                                                                             LET HUMANITY BE FLOURISHED!

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    Udhavum Ullangal

    “Udhavum Ullangal” in Tamil literally means “Helping Hearts”.

    Today at Tirupattur, the Sandal Town at Vellore District, it is thought of as an institution helping any living being in distress.


    One’s peace and prosperity are invariably linked with the feeling of being wanted or the sense of belonging is our very life-breath. With mutual love and care, concern and compassion, mutual respect and reliance we can enrich their lives and also that of others. 

    With the feeling of love, humanity and brotherhood, we concentrate on social consciousness and humaneness that are required to safeguard suffering brethren, abandoned children and old people. It is indeed an important one.


    In order to eradicate the above said problems and to help the poor and downtrodden people, Udhavum Ullangal @ Tirupattur was started on 29.10.2000.

    Services to the Physically Handicapped 


    By giving first preference to the physically handicapped persons, we make opportunities for them under private firms.

    Providing Tricycles, Wheel chairs, Hearing Machines, Artificial limbs etc. to the PH.

    Help them to obtain loans from banks, for those who liable to do self-employment.

    Guide them to obtain Government Concession such as old age pension etc.

    To rehabilitate the PH, we guide to acquire help from donors.

    Guide to obtain Train and bus concession certificates for them.

    Free Rice Distribution


    Since the arise of Udhavum Ullangal, we give 5 kgs of free rice to 75 members who belong to the category: poor, downtrodden, physically handicapped, dropouts, orphans, deaf, dumb and blind, lepers, mentally retarded persons and those who are not capable of earning something and live by self.  Also we provide food for 200 members belonging to the same.

    Balance Food Distribution


    We collect balance food at Hotels, Marriage Halls, Festivals, Occasions at any time irrespective of day/night through phone message delivered by public and distribute the same to the poor those who live in slums, in and around Tirupattur.

    Shelter for Escaped Persons


    We provide temporary shelter for the persons who come out of their houses, left their way, dropouts and they are referred to their relatives after deep investigation.

    Treatment to the Patients


    Dropouts, unknown patients and mentally retarded persons are admitted to the hospitals and do the necessary steps to acquire treatment for them.

    Burial of Unknown Dead Bodies


    Unknown dead bodies are buried with the permission from the respective departments of Government.

    Rehabilitation for the Dropped New Born Babies


    Children those who are left as orphans and New born babies thrown at dust bins, bushes are discovered by us and handed over to the District Social Welfare Officer on behalf of District Collector in order to rehabilitate them.  As such, more than 15 babies were rehabilitated.

    Street Children


    Basic Essential needs are provided to the street children and the old aged people those who pick rags and waste things from the streets with which they earn money and lead their life.

    Old Clothes


    We collect old clothes from the public and give them to the poor, downtrodden people.

    Blood Donation/Body/Organ/Eye Donation


    For the poor deserving people requiring blood, we contact the voluntary blood donors and facilitate them to donate blood.

    Those who are willing to donate their eyes/body/organs can contact us and register their will and we arrange for the donation after their lifespan.

      Don't waste the WASTE:

    Generally to do social service, we insist upon "Don't think that money is the very important thing, rather only the thinking to do it is essential" and insist this among the public and monthly once we collect papers, old newspapers, magazines, marriage invitations, greetings, covers, bottles, plastic things, milk covers, small pieces of iron, aluminium, copper, steel, old chairs, table, children's written notebooks, answer sheets, broken toys, playable things, tablets, medicines, unusable waste things considered as "waste" and the small fund obtained by these is used to provide Free rice to the poor, medical fees, bus fare to the persons who left their way, educational fees to the poor students.

    Udhavum Ullangal is able to carryout the abovesaid activities and more only with the generous help of people who come forward with things, money, labour and even ideas. 

    We expect them to lend helping hands to us in our endeavor to be of use to the really needy living beings with love and care.